Why you should regularly replace the o-rings on your calorimeter

The o-rings and seals on the bombs should be changed every 500 firings or every 6 months, even if they do not seem to be failing. If the samples are particularly harsh then this should be done every 250 firings. Doing routine maintenance on a schedule can help head off problems before they start. “When was the last time the o-rings and seals were changed is almost always the first question I ask. Many times the answer is “I don’t know” or “It has been awhile”. Often after changing the seals the customer is back up and running without any other problems”, says’s Steve Lierly from the Parr Instrument Company in America.

Our service department has been servicing, repairing and installing calorimeters in South Africa and abroad for over 15 years. We are the official agents for Parr in Africa. We also offer service contracts for your calorimeter to keep it in good condition.

To schedule a service please use the Service page to book a callout or e-mail info@parrcalorimeters.co.za

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